Marathon • Half-Marathon • Half-Marathon Relay • 5K   |   Historic St. Charles, Missouri   |   Saturday, October 2, and Sunday, October 3, 2021

What is your weather policy?


What is your weather policy?


The event organizers reserve the right to alter or cancel the event due to inclement weather in the case that conditions are deemed to be unsafe to complete the given event.


Announcements will be made over the PA system at the event. As we are able, we will communicate delays and schedule updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Weather Procedures:
If lightning is detected within 20 miles of the venue we’ll enter into a “Heads Up” mode, watching the weather pattern to see if the lightning is moving towards the venue.
If lightning is detected within 10 miles or less we will begin safety procedures and encourage participants and spectators to seek shelter. The course and Athletes’ Village area (including the tent area) must be completely cleared by the time lightning is within 6 miles.
The start will be delayed until the storm has passed or 30 minutes after the last lightning strike is detected at a distance greater than or equal to 10 miles. We’ll do our best to communicate a “restart time” giving athletes adequate time to get warmed up and to the starting line.