Marathon • Half-Marathon • 10K • 5K   |   Historic St. Charles, Missouri   |   Sunday, October 6, 2024

Tips from Athletico

Prepare With Us

Remaining healthy is the most important aspect of ensuring a healthy race. We’re happy to provide the following dynamic warmup exercises to help loosen your muscles in preparation for crossing the finish line on race day.

For additional dynamic warmup exercises you can try, visit our YouTube page.

Recover With Us

Athletico staff will be on-site at the 2023 MO’ Cowbell Marathon Runners’ Village to offer post-race stretching to all runners. Look for the blue Athletico tents and allow one of our experienced endurance specialists to jump-start the recovery process by stretching tight muscles to keep you loose and help prevent injury.

Blue tent with person stretching

Stay Healthy With Us

In Missouri, you can now access physical and occupational therapy services without needing a prescription or referral from your healthcare provider! This means that you can connect with a licensed physical therapist first to start your road to recovery and get back to the things you love sooner. Whether your pain starts from training for your race or everyday tasks, start with a free assessment and let our team fully evaluate your condition so we can recommend the best treatment option for you. There’s no cost or obligation, we just want you to start feeling better as soon as possible. Click here to request your free assessment.

Physical therapist with patient
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