Marathon • Half-Marathon • 10K • 5K   |   Historic St. Charles, Missouri   |   Sunday, October 1, 2023

Marathon Turn-By-Turn

Do you want to know what you’re in for? Check out this turn-by-turn description of the flattest, fastest course in the St. Louis Region!


The USATF Certified MO’ Cowbell Marathon has quite the picturesque start with Frontier Park and the Missouri River to the right as runners head north on Riverside and turn left on Clark.

The course spends less than a quarter mile on Clark before turning right onto 2nd St. also known as Hwy 94.

The one-mile mark is just past the intersection of N. 2nd & French.


Runners continue heading north on 2nd St. past quaint storefronts of Old Town St. Charles then turn right on Tecumseh.

The course then takes a left on N. Main St. which becomes N. River Rd.

The two-mile mark is on N. River Rd., just a quarter mile or so after passing under the 370 overpass.


Fluid Station #1 is just after the two-mile mark at the parking area for the Dusable Dog Park.

Runners continue on N. River Rd. running parallel to the Katy Trail and Missouri River on the right and with plenty of green fields and trees on the left.

The N. River Rd. bears left and becomes Hawning Rd.

The three mile mark is on the N. River Rd. just before Hawning Rd.


Runners continue on Hawning Rd. for just over a half mile as it heads toward Hwy 94. The course takes a right at 94 and heads north to the northernmost point of the course.

The 4-mile mark about a quarter mile after the turn onto Hwy 94, just north of Joyce.


Runners continue on Hwy 94 to State Hwy B.  Runners make a left on Hwy B and another quick left onto Boschertown Rd and are greeted by volunteers at Fluid Station #2.

The 5-mile mark is a quarter mile after turning onto Boschertown Rd.


Enter New Town by turning right onto Island Harbor which becomes Sublette St.

This course is meant to be pretty darn fast, but there are a few turns as the runners tour New Town.

Just after Sublette St. curves left, runners take a right onto Barter St.

Runners head west on Barter St. then left onto Hempstead and then turn south on Galt House Drive.

Runners are officially in New Town at the six-mile mark, which is on Galt House Dr.


Follow Galt House as it borders the New Town Lake and then as it bends right to Rue Royale St.  Head north onto Rue Royale Street and then loop west onto Outer Civic Circle to Domain.

Runners make a short jog south on Domain Street to North New Town Avenue then run west thru a tree-lined alley along the canal in the center of New Town, turn left on Canal and quickly turn left again onto South New Town Avenue.

Heading east, runners turn right on Domain, then loop back left on Outer Civic Circle, then left on Rue Royale Street to New Town Lake Drive.

Runners head east on New Town Lake Drive. toward Granger Bloulvard. with the canal on their left.

Mile seven is on New Town Lake Drive just after the turn from Rue Royal.


Runners continue east and turn left on Granger at the corner of New Town Lake.

Heading north on Granger Blvd. runners reach Fluid & Fuel Station #3 before they turn right onto Barter to rejoin the out-and-back portion of the course.

Before this mile is complete runners turn left on Sublette St. and continue on Island Harbor toward the exit of New Town.

The eight-mile mark is on Island Harbor about 200 meters before exiting New Town.


Say goodbye to New Town as you turn right on Boschertown Road.

The remainder of mile nine is slightly downhill, fast straight-away south on Boschertown.

Mile 9 is near the north entrance to Charlestowne Village.


Say hello to some hills as you enter mile 10! For the first time on this mostly pancake flat course you’ll have to pump the arms and call on the quads to do some climbing.

Before you turn left onto the aptly named Little Hills Expressway, volunteers at Fluid Station #4 will cheer you on your way.

The ten-mile mark is a little less than a half mile after turning onto Little Hills.


This mile is the only truly tough mile on the course. Before this is child’s play, now you will have some real fun.

Runners remain on Little Hills Expressway for most of this stretch before turning onto Mel Wetter Parkway.

The 11-mile mark is not long after the turn onto Mel Wetter Parkway.


What goes up must come down right? Runners will enjoy a nice downhill as they continue on N. 5th Street followed by another slight uphill.

Runners make a left on Olive Street to cheering sounds of volunteers at Fluid Station #5. Here marathoners will say farewell to half- marathoners and continue straight (east) on Olive.


Sounds of spectators lining the half way point (aka the half marathon finish line) can be heard as runners turn right and hit the Katy Trail South through Frontier Park.

Runners will run the Riverfront Walk to reconnect to Katy Trail at the south end of Frontier Park.


Continuing south on the Katy Trail, runners will be greeted by Fluid Station #6 just north of the Ameristar Bridge.


Runners will continue to enjoy the historic Katy Trail


As the Katy Trail connects to Family Arena Perimeter Road to Arena, runners may once again refuel at Fluid Station #7 as they enjoy cheers from spectators! Continuing around the Perimeter Raod, runners will turn left onto Arena Parkway.


Runners will turn south from Arena Parkway to S. River Road. Turn left to Bike Path, then left on Bike Path to join the Creve Couer Connector.  Here at Mile 17.5 runners will have access to Fluid Station #8 in the Creve Couer Connector parking lot.  This is a perfect place for spectators to gather!


Runners will run over the scenic Missouri River Bridge into St. Louis County.  Mile 18 will be waiting just over the bridge.


Once over the bridge, runners will wind down the path, thru a tunnel to the turn-around in the River Valley Parking Lot at Mile 19.3 will be Fluid Station #9.


After runners turn-around in the River Valley Parking Lot and make their way back towards the Creve Couer Connector Bridge.  Mile 20 is just before the uphill path to the bridge.


Crossing back over the Creve Couer Connector bridge into St. Charles County, runners will clock Mile 21 as soon as they cross.  There will once again be Fluid Station #10 in the Creve Couer Connector parking lot at Mile 21.25. See why we think this is the perfect spectator gathering place?


Upon leaving the Creve Couer Connector runners will join the Katy Trail heading north towards Frontier Park.


As runners pass the Family Arena this time on the Katy Trail, Fluid Station #11 will be available in the North-East corner of the Family Arena parking lot.


Runners continue North on the Katy Trail towards Frontier Park.


Last chance  to hydrate before crossing the finish line is here at Mile 25! Fluid Station #12 is north of the Ameristar Bridge.

Take Riverfront Walk to reconnect to Katy Trail. Head North on Katy Trail to join Riverside at Adams.

MILE 26 & 26.2!

Join Riverside at Adams. Turn South on Riverside to FINISH just north of 1st Capitol!

Hydration, Medical and Cheers waiting for runners at 26.2!
THANK YOU, Sponsors, Medical and Volunteers! (Course subject to change!)
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