Frequently Asked Questions – MO' Cowbell Marathon | Sunday, October 4, 2020, in St. Charles, MO

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for some MO’ answers to your questions?  Hopefully we can help answer them for you!

What swag will I get for participating in The Chuck Challenge?

Participants will receive a custom hat, medal (or medals depending on how many levels of the challenge you sign up for), a virtual race bib, mini cowbell (because it’s MO’ Cowbell Marathon),              MO’ Cowbell face mask and an individual finisher line banner. That’s right, there’s a good chance that you’ve never ran through the race tape, but this year, everyone will!

Do I have to run The Chuck Challenge in St. Charles County?

While we believe St. Charles County has some pretty great parks and trails, you are welcome to complete your miles anywhere! Yes, we even have a runner in the UK who is running The Chuck Challenge!

Why aren’t you hosting the “normal” MO’ Cowbell Race in 2020?

While so much planning and regrouping went into a potential “stripped down” version of what MO’ Cowbell Marathon usually is, it truly came down to a safety concern for our runners. Among many other factors, we were not able to secure an ExMO’ or Packet pick up location, the level of expert medical training we have come to require in the past or adequate volume of volunteers. Ultimately, we have worked hard each year to bring our runners a top notch experience and didn’t want anything short of that.

Can I still sign up to be a part of The Chuck Challenge?

Certainly! Registration for the MO’ Cowbell 2020 Chuck Challenge is open until October 3rd at 11:59 pm.

Can we have a relay team?

Not this year but we do encourage you to find some running buddies and get out there (socially distanced, of course).

Do I have to be fast?

No, not at all! A lot of people are simply walking to pass the time and get daily exercise.

Which distance did Chuck choose?

He chose The Full Chuck, of course! Look for his race route photos in our Facebook Group or on Instagram.

What if I change my mind and want to level up in The Chuck Challenge?

If you decide to change your race distance after you registered, just go into your RunSignup profile and transfer to the next Chuck Challenge level you want to complete. Additional costs will be applied.

Will there still be a cowbell this year for my collection?

Yes. This is still MO’ Cowbell after all!

What if I’ve signed up for VIP or Mail Packet Option?

VIP and Mail Packet Option will be refunded to each runner who added either to their 2020 registration.

When will I receive my swag?

A social distanced medal, hat and additional swag pick up is planned for;

10.24.20 | 10 am – 2 pm @ MO’ Cowbell Headquarters in St. Charles

10.31.20 | 10 am – 2 pm @ Big River Running Store in West County

More info on these dates to come!

Otherwise, remaining packets will be mailed out starting November 1, 2020.

I want to run virtually but don’t have a GPS watch?

No worries! If you do not have a GPS watch, we would recommend using MapMyRun or a similar app that allows you to export your data. To export your data from MapMyRun:

  • Click on the menu item “Activity Feed”
  • Select the correct entry
  • Click on the button to the left of your workout data.
  • Email the workout to yourself

I want to sign up for the Full Chuck. Do I have to complete all the miles for each distance at once?

Nope! In fact, you can combine as many runs as you need to fulfill the distance(s) you want to complete to reach your level of Chuck. That is the great part of running The Chuck Challenge virtually.

What if I’ve ordered 10-year anniversary merchandise?

We are saving the 10-year anniversary celebration and all its components for the next time we can meet for a live race. If you have pre-ordered a hoodie or tech shirt, you will be refunded and have an opportunity to order it again next year.

When do I have to run the miles I have chosen for the virtual run by?

You can begin to enter the miles ran into your RunSignup profile today, and you have until December 31, 2020, to complete them all. Remember, you don’t need to run the total distance of your Chuck Challenge at once. So if you plan to break your challenge into shorter distances, make sure you give yourself enough time.

Can I get a refund instead of running virtual?

Though we hope you consider some level of Chuck Challenge, you can process a refund through your individual RunSignUp account.

Still have questions? Contact us